Variant Spellings; Kneeland, Knilans, Nealon, Neilan, Neiland, Neilands, Nelan, Neylan, Neylon, Nilan, Nilon, Nyland.

In Irish the name is O Niallain and it is essentially a Co. Clare name though it is presently to be found widely in Connacth. The name has also dropped the O prefix, Neilan being the more common form nowadays. Some other variations of the name, Nilan, Niland and Nyland are to be found mostly in Co. Galway.

During the Protestant suppression of the Catholic religion two priests Frs. Daniel O'Neilan (d.1580) and Denis O'Neilan (d.1651) were martyred for their faith.

Patrick O'Neilan was a distinguished general in The Austrian Imperial army.

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